OHPL & Gary McNabb Presents the Creature Feature.

Hi everyone come check out the upcoming event this Saturday.
After Mr.Rich is done we will be heading to the park to give out candy
So be sure to come by the Trunk or Treat after the Show.-Chase

Coming This Saturday August, 8th 2014

Starts at 12:00PM till 5 PM.

Come learn about the things your parents don't want you to have.

Fun for all ages

We will be showing  spiders,snakes,lizards and having fun learning about how to take care of such


Orena Humphreys Public Library
Will be hosting a Book Signing for
Steventhen William Holland

The Journey
A book about his Journey from the time Steventhen William Holt was born to his present walk with God. It tells how his mother, who was raised in a facility for mentally ill patients, found herself pregnant after being assaulted. She ran away in hopes of delivering and keeping her child. Her journey from GA to TN is finally retraced by her thirty-three-year old son, Steventhen. Take this road trip to recovery and find the peace of God that passes all understanding.
Join us September the 19th, Saturday, 12:00 PM

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