Come fly with us!
Community Social & Fundraiser at Whitwell & Henson's Gap
Mountain Launch, Sequatchie Valley
All Proceeds Benefiting
Whitwell Public Library (OHPL)

From July 11,2015

Some of the people i got to see come down off the mountain.

Directions to the jump if we are not in Whitwell.
I spoke with David Pugh this week concerning the "Come Fly with US" benefit he's doing the 3rd through the 5th of July. It is progressing nicely.People from all over the US and world are registering to do competition in our valley. The contestants are pitching tents for the 3 day event at Henson's Gap Mountain Launch Sight(out the Mt Olive Road by Harry Joe's old place). There will be shuttle buses leaving where Cheryl's restaurant was on Hudson Street and going to the sight for $5.00. There will also be food and vendor at both locations. The Library will be set up at the Hudson Street site. Come on by and visit with us and watch them land at Joe Castle's field by Will Helen's house. If you're brave or want to add something outrageous to your bucket list, you can take a tandem paraglider ride for $100.00.Poly and I plan to literally take the plunge. If I can do it I challenge all of you to try it. Remember the proceeds will be going to OHPL and I have big plans for more computers plus more. So come on down and be a part of something great.

Our "Come Fly with Us event David Pugh is bringing to our valley(at Whitwell) along with the Cloudbase Foundation, Southern Parasailers Org., Tennessee Tree Toppers and USHPA is really coming along. Dave was at the library yesterday giving us more details and assuring Poly and Me that "YesJ" the harness we will be  wearing when we jump can hold us. Chase and Ms Sally said they would man the tent and watch us two crazies on this event. The Community Social & Fundraiser will be held at Whitwell (landing field at Joe Castle's field by Will Helen's house on Hudson Road and Jump off at Henson Gap Mountain Launch (Sequatchie Valley, and next to Harry Joe's old place). There will also be shuttle buses running for $5.00 per ride and Tandem Rides like Polly and I are doing for $100.00 per jump. This event is bringing people from all over the world to use our piece of the mountain for competition. We are shooting for ; Whitwell Parasailing and Hang Gliding Capital of the Southeastern Coast. The event will be July 3rd,4th,and 5th.
David and Christy chose to live in Whitwell because they fell in love with the friendliness of the Whitwell people. They are bringing us an event that is on the scale of the Golden Cup World Championship covered in the media by the ABC Wide World of Sports in the 70's. The Proceeds will be going to OHPL. This Annual Event will be giving next year's money to the Rescue Squad. There will be vendors at each location with food and wears. They will be set up at the old Cheryl's location and at the jump off site. They will also be raffling off prizes provided by the locate merchants and even a homemade quilt plus more. Come join the fun, support our Library cause we get the money. Plus see Polly and me do the death defying... or have heart attacks as we make the jump off the mountain. Oh yes... Bring a chair and watch the fun. OHPL will have a tent set up at Cheryl's old place.

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